Booklet On Evolution

The booklet on evolution I was writing, and mentioned in an earlier post, has now been published under the title Darwin and Evolution: from a Catholic Perspective, and is available from Catholic Truth Society in England. I've also had several copies shipped to the USA and arranged to resell them from there, which for one or two copies will be cheaper (and presumably quickly) than having them shipped from England. More information and selections from the book are available here.

2 thoughts on “Booklet On Evolution”

  1. For the colonial readers who don't know the CTS – they publish hundreds of titles. Their fantastic little booklets are famous, and like sweeties – you can't stop drooling over them in the shop or at the back of churches. It would be a good idea to order the Evolution booklet directly from them, and make it worthwhile by ordering lots of other titles at the same time 🙂

  2. Another idea would be to convince local book stores to order from them and stock their books 🙂 –I don't think the CTS series are at all well known in the USA; at least I don't recall seeing them.

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