Renewal in Linz

Yesterday and today the Holy Father and representatives of the Roman Curia met with the bishops of Austria to speak about the situation of the diocese of Linz and the Church in Austria, as well as solutions for present problems.

The Holy Father called to mind the urgency of a deepening of faith, of complete faithfulness to the Second Vatican Council and to the post-conciliar magisterium of the Church, and the renewal of catechesis in light of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

In addition, doctrinal and pastoral questions, and questions concerning the situation of clerics and laity, of the seminaries and theological faculties in Linz and in the other dioceses were discussed.

The Austrian Bishops thanked the Holy Father for his fatherly care and for this meeting, a sign of his union with the Church in Austria, and declared their complete communion with and faithfulness to him. The Austrian bishops also thanked the Roman Curia for its fruitful collaboration and helpfulness.


(For readers who aren't aware, Linz is overall the most liberal diocese within Austria, even infamously so–though it is somewhat split between the liberals and those who want to preserve fidelity to liturgical and doctrinal tradition, to the pope, etc.)

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